Mystery Monsters of Dub.

Since the dawn of humanity Mystery Monsters have piqued intrigue in every human culture they have touched with their varied infusion of musical styles and mystery. This peculiar group of creatures hails from the eastern shores of New England, known for the range and variety of its creatures. Each member of this hybrid clan brings a unique musical background to the table. They are bound together by a mutual love of Reggae and Dub music, along side free-form collaboration. This puddle of musical influences allows Mystery Monsters of Dub to infuse elements of funk, jazz, and rock into their underlying reggae groove so that you don’t have to. Unafraid to break the mold and improvise, they're sure to make each and every night one worth remembering. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Mystery Monsters of Dub in your area! Come ready to leave it on the dance floor.

Meet The Band.

Jared Graham


Erick Quashie


Ed Novak


Mark Golding


Adam Carl


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Phone: (857) 212 8153