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Cannabis Home Grow

Hello Gang, Thanks for stopping in. We’re going to review my first grow room. Massachusetts legalized recreational MJ a while back and the missus suggested I try my hand at growing so here we go. I watched a bunch of videos on video sharing sites but I found most of them were for larger setups and I just want to have 3-4 plants. One for my head, one for my friends/family/neighbors and a back-up. I’m sure if I ask some local cancer support group to “dispose” of the surplus for me they'll accomodate. Fair warning. I am an utter luddite when it comes to growing anything. I'm just trying to work out how to efficiently put together a really small grow while giving other people the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Cheers. According to the posts I’ve read the environment is the most important factor when it coms to the health of the plant. To control the environmental factors, I purchased the following…

The Grow Tent

VIVOSUN 48"x48"x80" Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation Window and Floor Tray for Indoor Plant Growing 4' x4' $112.99

This tent is nice. I've read Sativas grow pretty tall so an 80 inch tall tent should be able to handle them without too much effort. The windows allow me to check the temps and humidity without introducing unnecessary change to the environmental conditions in the tent.

The Grow Light

Next up was the light for the grow. I picked the VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified Reflector-Series 450W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower $116.00. As far as I can tell this thing works like a charm. It has two settings, one for Veg and one for Bloom. The light is harsh so I invested in a $24 set of sunglasses at the Hydroponics store.

Aeroponic Grow System

GrowAce AEROSTAR 40 4 pot aeroponic grower $119.93

This thing is sraight fire. A device with a resevoir and an inline pump at the bottom. The pump attaches to wires that sprays a nutrient solution on the roots of the plant, which hamg suspended in the middle of the pot. The water drains back down to the resevoir. I make the replacement resevoir on Friday, let it sit a day to dechlorinate then change the water. I check the PH a few times a week butI haven't had to adjust it. I set it at a PH of about 6.0 and it sometimes drifts down to 5.8.

White Widow strain cannabis seeds. If you know a grower, they might be able to kick you some seeds or a clipping. If not, some people have found success using a search engine to find to cannabis seed stores like Crop or Sensible to look through large catalogs of different seed strains. If you live in the US, please be advised that the seed stores you find online should be used for research purposes only and not to facilitate the discreet delivery premium quality cannabis seeds to your door. That would be wrong and living with that guilt could cause undue stress. Which one could treat with…

The germination tray 3/31/2019.

This was a $12 purchase I made to germinate the seeds. It has a dome with adjustable slits which one uses to keep the seeds under high humidity. My target was about 65%. I also purchased a heating mat for the tray that keeps it warm. I check every five hours or so to make sure the inside of the tray stays damp.

Here is the White Widow April 19th, 2019.

White Widow April 22nd, 2019.

White Widow April 28th, 2019.

White Widow April 27th, 2019.

White Widow 5/4/2019

White Widow May 7th, 2019

White Widow 5/10/2019

White Widow May 15th, 2019

White Widow May 17th, 2019

White Widow May 18th, 2019

Thanks for stopping in, gang. I'll be posting more gear reviews and assorted rants soon. If you see anything you like hit me up via any of the social media links and let me know.