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I'll be reviewing a few Do It Yourself projects I've been working on. A Cannabis Grow, an electric guitar build, an aeroponic grow system, homemade cat food, etc. If there is a particular project you would like reviewed hit me up on social media and let me know.

Cannabis Home Grow: Aeorponic Grow System

Thanks for stopping in. I've made a bit of a photo-journal of my first grow. Massachusetts legalized recreational cannabis a while back and the missus suggested I try my hand at growing so here we go. I watched a bunch of videos on video sharing sites but I found most of them were for larger setups and I just want to have 2-4 plants. I figure that a single harvest from a single, high yield, plant would produce more than the average smoker consumes in a year. If the plant yields two ounces of flower it will more than pay for itself and the seed stores list the estimated yield sizes of the seeds I acquired ranging from 10 to 20 ounces. Every mistake and inefficiency in the grow will probably effect the yield size so we'll see. My goal is to produce enough of a harvest to cut out the expense of the dispensaries and gift any surplus to a few friends and family. Fair warning. I am an utter luddite when it comes to growing anything. I'm just trying to work out how to efficiently put together a really small grow while giving other people the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Cheers. Below is a journal of the project. I post new pictures and insights every few days. If you click into the pictures you'll be able to read a description of what I'm doing.

White Widow Feminized

Observations so far.

My goal when I started this grow was and remains to this day to save money. The dispensaries in Massachusetts provide a premium product at cartel prices. For the cost of 56 grams of dispensary cannabis I can buy a system that requires little administration and can take a plant from seedling to a yield of 75g- 750g in 10 to 16 weeks. When I started this venture, I didn’t have a very good understanding of my growing environment from seed to flower. I drowned more than a few seeds by submerging them in water over 24 hours. Once I understood that folly, I didn’t manage the environment of my germination tray as meticulously as I needed to. I was only able to germinate 2 seeds out of seven in three attempts. By the time I realized my grow system was ill suited to bring a plant to yield the root system had grown into the reservoir. For my second grow I will use a four-pot recirculating DWC system to give each plant the space it needs without competing for light.

Sativa Star A&B

After murdering several seeds I was able to get one of the Sativa Stars to germ. I ordered another batch and was able to germ two more. This is their story.

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